Why Choose Us

Unique Location

Union Square Loft/Focus is on Broadway between 18th and 19th streets. The cultural heartbeat of New York City, a wonderful eclectic mix of people and arts. We are centrally located downtown, in close proximity to many hotels and the city’s most popular attractions: the farmer’s market, the Chelsea district, restaurants, shopping, theaters, museum and parks.


As the first of its kind since 2006, Union Square Loft is a full-service creative research space and focus facility with conference room capability in easily-accessible New York City’s Flatiron district, an environment that puts clients and respondents at ease while inspiring creative expression, spontaneity, and open communication about ideas and products. Responses from participants is only one part of the process, properly capturing those responses is equally important. We are the response to market researchers struggling over the years to find focus facilities offering that perfect combination of creative settings and support, experienced team, good value and flexibility.


We house a highly knowledgeable audiovisual engineer with twenty years of research facility experience under his belt and a creative team capable of delivering truly innovative and customized research solutions. Union Square Loft supports researchers’ unique needs through flexible furniture configurations, documentation, recordings that allow body language assessment from a truly unique perspective using picture in picture and an observation room CCTV feed.

Union Square Loft’s large main research area can be easily partitioned with our exclusive reversible two-way viewing room. Tall ceilings, natural light, blackout curtains, and we play images or video projections as focus participants arrive as an opportunity to establish that particular mood. Outcome: Researchers have limitless concept-creation possibilities (another element of their success).