Creative Research Space

:: A re-evolution in focus group facilities ©

Union Square Loft is the response to market researchers struggling over the years to find focus facilities offering that perfect combination of creative settings, technical support, experience, good value and flexibility: a full-service creative market research space and focus facility.

Union Square Focus has established the genesis of the dynamic “creative research space”, provoking innovation while supporting our clients’ efforts to engage markets.

We are dedicated to creating opportunities for you to fully explore your concept.


  • Loft setting with tall ceilings
  • Flexible furniture configurations
  • Exclusive reversible viewing room
  • Dual angle camera recordings, picture in picture and an observation room with CCTV
  • All format A/V production services specializing in market research: co-ed videographers, web conferencing, website-usability lab and ethnographic and in-store intercepts tri-state
  • 60" and 55" tv screens/ceiling projectors
  • Multiple digital overhead projectors
  • Surround sound system/P.A.
  • All format video
  • Apple airplay/chromecast/roku/firestick
  • Robot camera w/operator or stationary
  • Highlight video editing, duplications and transfers
  • Recruiting of qualified respondents