Creative Research Space

:: A re-evolution in focus group facilities ©

Union Square Loft is the response to market researchers struggling over the years to find focus facilities offering that perfect combination of creative settings, technical support, experience, good value and flexibility: a full-service creative market research space and focus facility.

Union Square Focus has established the genesis of the dynamic “creative research space”, provoking innovation while supporting our clients’ efforts to engage markets.

We are dedicated to creating opportunities for you to fully explore your concept.

Over the years we’ve noticed that market researchers have a lot to say about the limitations of standard focus-group facilities. In NYC it’s not easy to find focus facilities offering convenience, timely access, and a good value, much less flexibility and quick accommodation of any focus-group-related need. The struggle to find good facilities slows them down, and encumbers good market research.

So, it’s not surprising to witness expressions of relief and gratitude when market researchers do find a facility that meets their needs. We get this a lot at Union Square Focus. As a full-service creative research space and focus-group facility with flexible conference room capability in New York City's Flatiron district since 2006, you will find what you’ve been looking for here —an environment that allows focus-group processes to work very effectively.

It’s well known that research settings must permit inspiration and creativity, and capture innovation. To do their jobs well, qualitative market researchers must access resources that make respondents comfortable and at ease, thus activating responsiveness and spontaneity, removing inhibition, and inspiring creativity, expression, and open communication about ideas and products. The best research settings can easily adapt, improvise and innovate to accommodate these qualitative research needs, quickly creating suitable customized environments that simulate real-world experience in a way that optimizes the research process and outcomes. The results of such flexibility? Highly reliable, revealing, and trustworthy interpretative data (and success for the researcher).

Of course, eliciting reliable and accurate responses from focus participants is only one part of the process. Properly capturing those responses is equally important. This requires state-of-the-art audiovisual technology that enables researchers to observe and document every reactive element (motion, sound, expression) from multiple perspectives, and easily retrieve, edit, and use the digital record in post-session production. Sophisticated qualitative research tools and techniques continue to emerge, and smart researchers want to fully leverage the best technology to gather the best information possible from focus sessions, while improving process efficiency and competence. This means that traditional qualitative interview suites of the past must evolve, or be left behind. Researchers know what they want to find and capture from their focus groups, and are becoming increasingly sophisticated in this regard.

To meet their challenge and their expectations Union Square Focus has reevolved ahead of the curve. We make life easier for researchers by helping them employ the sophisticated techniques called for in each focus session, with a singular aim: facilitate the entire process to increase the volume of useful data flowing to the researcher in the time allotted.

Beyond great technology, Union Square Focus supports researchers’ unique needs through diverse and flexible configuration options (e.g., IDI/usability lab, optional main room and viewing room integration, breakouts, ideations, brainstorms, workshops, conference tables, living room focus groups, concept testing, mock-juries, dial studies/classroom), an observation room that allows body language assessment from a truly unique perspective coupled with face-level monitoring, and a highly technical and creative team capable of delivering truly innovative and custom research solutions.

Union Square Focus' large main research area (a markedly exclusive experience in a relaxed idea-inspiring environment) can be easily partitioned with our exclusive reversible two-way viewing room. Tall ceilings, natural light, blackout curtains, and image or video projection on six-foot screens as focus participants arrive all offer the opportunity to establish a mood, the space to tinker with different contexts, and the ability to control participant interactivity. Outcome: Researchers have limitless concept-creation possibilities (another element of their success).

Pricing and Value — How does Union Square Focus’ pricing compare to other focus group facilities in the NYC area? Happily, you’ll not only find our rates lower than other focus facilities, we also offer discounts and flat fees for projects requiring extended hours or days. In fact, while our rates are lower, when combined with our exceptional facilities, staff, and services, we offer the highest value. Whatever your research project requirements, traditional or non-traditional, the Union Square Loft/Focus team is dedicated to creating opportunities for you to fully explore your concept.


  • Loft setting with tall ceilings
  • Flexible furniture configurations
  • Exclusive reversible viewing room
  • Dual angle camera recordings, picture in picture and an observation room with CCTV
  • All format A/V production services specializing in market research: co-ed videographers, web conferencing, website-usability lab and ethnographic and in-store intercepts tri-state
  • 60" and 55" tv screens/ceiling projectors
  • Multiple digital overhead projectors
  • Surround sound system/P.A.
  • All format video
  • Apple airplay/chromecast/roku/firestick
  • Robot camera w/operator or stationary
  • Highlight video editing, duplications and transfers
  • Recruiting of qualified respondents