Union Square Focus is a full-service creative research space and focus facility with flexible conference room capability in New York City’s Flatiron district. We offer innovative research solutions and diverse configuration options, including IDI/usability lab, optional main room and viewing room integration, breakouts, ideations/brainstorms/workshops, conference tables, living room focus groups, concept testing, mock-juries, dial studies/classroom. Our team’s technical background and creative edge provide for a markedly exclusive experience in a relaxed idea-inspiring environment with unique customized research solutions to a variety of typical and atypical complex qualitative issues. Clients are welcome to set up the night before when space available. Union Square Focus’ large charming main research area can be easily partitioned with our exclusive reversible two-way viewing room. We invite clients to experiment with behavioral indicators and offer the option to project client-provided images and/or video onto six-foot screens as your respondents arrive. We have a team of seasoned first-rate co-ed videographers who operate both in-house and on location. Our tall ceilings, natural light and blackout curtains allow for limitless possibilities to create your concept. Client receptivity and satisfaction resulting from both our research environment and our creativity has been very positive. Whatever your research project requirements, traditional or non-traditional, please feel free to contact us anytime to check on availability or to schedule a site visit.

About Union Square Loft


Carlos – Facility Director

Facility Director at Union Square Loft: He is now the thought leader in problem solving for creative research, expert in facility practices and implementation. In 2006 he gave birth to the idea of a Creative Research and Consumer Immersion Space in a loft setting to change traditional research to provoke open communication between respondents and clients in the research field. While Carlos Montoya was pursuing his degrees in audio and video in 1994, he was host at one of the biggest focus group facilities in NYC and assistant photographer (children’s book covers, romance novels and movie posters) for Addie Passen until 1999 when he became and independent photographer. From 1994 until 2009, he was assistant fabricator for Jim Wilson from the Mr. Bill TV series, on freelance projects and kustom bicycle building while he kept freelancing as video/technical engineer of various focus group facilities in Manhattan where he also was contracted to design and manage A/V.


Raffaella – Project Manager

Project Manager at Union Square Loft: She has been managing the loft since 2006. Raffaella has great communication skills and extensive experience in organizing and planning events for the loft , she is a great resource for any inquires about the facility and what it has to offer the community which helps make planning a project seemless and enjoyable. Types of projects she has been apart of managing include; focus groups, market research, photo shoots, video shoots, sound recording, corporate meetings & events, private events, and many more.